A letter of thanks from a Ukrainian SynGAP family

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Irina is mom to 6-year-old Syngapian Taisia. In late August 2022 she decided that her family urgently needed to escape Ukraine. 

Editor’s Note: Irina and her family lived nearby the occupied and beleaguered Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant. With the war in Ukraine escalating, the plant and surrounding areas grew more dangerous and were subjected to shelling and power outages. Leaving became the only option. A fellow SynGAP family arranged a safe destination in Poland, but traveling out of Ukraine would also be dangerous and expensive. The SynGAP community came through and donated to a fundraising campaign to help Taisia’s family with these expenses. In the first week of September, the family made it safely to Poland. Irina sent us this letter to share with you all. We are so grateful for our supportive community.

Hello SynGAP family,

We are the family from Ukraine who suffered from the war. I know that all of you were worried about us and helped us. I want to say thank you to everyone who supported us and gave us a chance to live. It’s scary to live under shelling and bombs, but it’s also scary to pack your life in a suitcase and go somewhere else.

You gave us faith in the future and your collective help went much further than anything we could have done ourselves. Thanks to the funds you raised, we were able to make the trip as comfortable as possible for the children and get a head start in our new life.

Thanks to Beata’s family who received us, we are now in Poland and have a place to live and food to eat. We are now in a safe place, my children will sleep peacefully, go to school, and we will be able to continue our daughter’s treatment and therapy. We are especially grateful to them.

The special case of our daughter Taisia has connected us with such kind people who are ready to help. Thank you from our whole family for your help and support. We will never forget it. You are a real family that we can count on.