I Planned A Simple Garage Sale And Failed – In The Best Way!

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Better known as ‘Bapa’ to his grandchildren (Graham, Syngapian Cole and Jade), Ed Gabler lives 10-minutes away from their house in northern Ohio. Being retired, Bapa is fortunate to be very involved in their daily life.

Bapa and Graham Have an Idea

When my 7-year-old grandson Graham and I decided to have a garage sale, I thought to myself, “Just keep it simple, Ed. One day, a few boxes, price it low, no tags, done.” Well, it soon snowballed into something much more complicated and so much more rewarding. I’d like to share with you our journey of how a small garage sale evolved into an event to support Syngap Research Fund and Graham’s Syngapian brother Cole. Maybe you’ll pick up a tip or two of what to do (or what not to do?) if you consider a similar fundraiser. Updates will be posted here along the way as we approach the date of the sale.

Update 1: The Big Idea

Update 2: The First Flakes Begin to Fall

Update 3: The Snow Begins to Accumulate

Update 4: The Snowball Has Formed

Update 5: The Snowball Begins to Roll Downhill

Update 6: Time For a Time Out

Update 7: Enough With the Snowball Analogies

Update 8: I’ve Checked Off More Than Half My List (So Why Is There..)

Update 9: If I Sell It, Will They Come?

Update 10: We Need a Bigger Garage!

Update 11: Garage Organization Take Two

Update 12: Two Days to Go!

Update 13: The Sale!

Update 14: Cole (The Finale!)

Hear from Cole’s mom and learn more about SYNGAP1 in this 5-minute video of Cole’s story.

Want to help Cole and others with SYNGAP1 but can’t make it to Ohio to shop this epic event? You can give to SRF online here. Every donation counts.