Share your love for someone with SYNGAP1 for #Splash4Syngap

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Take a photo with the #splash4syngap flyer & share it!

June is SYNGAP awareness month. Please print out this flyer. We hope you will use it to take a photo with your loved one and share it with friends and family as well as on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok & other social media to help raise awareness for SYNGAP1.

There are 4 important things in this image.

SRF Managing Director Mike Graglia with his SynGAPian, Tony

The simple and powerful statement  “I love someone with SYNGAP1” 

This puts a face on our disease and helps people understand why SRF exists, because our loved ones are ill and we need to help them.  That help comes via donations and volunteers.  Mobilizing the networks of SYNGAP1 families is how we are going to fight this disease.

Splash4Syngap Logo

Splash4Syngap is a global day on which we share images of our loved ones — often in water, which all SYNGAPians love.  The genetic address of SYNGAP is 6p21.32 so we chose 6.21 or June 21st as SYNGAP1 day, June as SYNGAP month.  Use this card in June!  Add the hashtag #Splash4Syngap

Our website is a one-stop shop to learn about SYNGAP1, meet our patients, watch webinars, buy SRF merchandise and make a donation in the US or UK.  Remember 100% of donations to SRF go directly to science since our founders cover all operating expenses!


This is our new ICD-10 code!  It will be formally announced shortly and will be active in your doctor’s electronic medical records system by October 1st, 2021.  Remember to tell every doctor, specialist, therapist & hospital to add the code F78.A1 to your SynGAPian’s record & insurance bills. To learn more about ICD-10 codes, you can read our article Syngap.Fund/ICD10

Enjoy this video from 2020 and 2019, stay tuned to see what’s coming for 2021!