Sprint for Syngap 2021 a huge success!

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Thank you for making #Sprint4Syngap a success

The first annual Sprint For Syngap is in the books, and it was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who participated, donated, or contributed in any way. You made it happen!

What is Sprint For Syngap, or #Sprint4Syngap in social media-speak? On April 24, 2021, Syngap Research Fund (SRF) families around the US and the world participated in a fundraising event to raise money for SynGAP1 research. At last count, donations topped over US$124,000. Wow!

Highlights & Fun Facts

  • There were 29 teams, 78 registered participants, and 900+ donors.
  • Participants raised a grand total of $124,664. Wow! 
  • “Sprinters” participated in locations around the US, and also in Columbia, Hong Kong, Australia, & Germany.
  • People walked, ran, cycled, strolled and salsa’ed. One Syngapian even invented “sliding for Syngap.” Any of these forms of sprinting were welcomed and encouraged!
  • The “official” distance was a 5K fun run, but folks adjusted as needed. Some did a 1K (half mile), and one super ambitious Syngap dad ran a 50K. That’s longer than a marathon!
  • We got a shout out from an NFL star.  Thank you, Henry Anderson. Way to raise awareness!

Funding Research

In keeping with SRF’s mission of supporting the research and development of treatments for SynGAP, funds raised through the event will go straight to research. For example, Boston Children’s Hospital is doing EEG biomarker work with funds from an SRF grant. And there is important patient data in the Ciitizen database that needs to be analyzed. And since SRF’s founders cover all overhead, every single dollar, shilling, peso or Euro raised goes directly to research that will accelerate therapies for our children!

Prizes Coming Soon

A big cheer goes out to all fundraisers. In addition to the shout out, many folks will be getting prizes! That’s right, these prizes will be shipped out soon:

  • Raised $250? You’ll get a Sprint4Syngap Drawstring Bag
  • Raised $350? You’ll a Syngap Research Fund Hat
  • Raised $500? You’ll Get an ‘Eat. Sleep. Cure SYNGAP1’ mug

Raising Awareness, Creating Community

In addition to being a fundraiser, Sprint For Syngap and events like it raise awareness for SynGAP — such a new and mysterious word for many. Each step walked, each donation requested, each t-shirt worn helps educate others. So, great job on that front, sprinters! And last but not at all least, events like this help grow and strengthen the supportive community for Syngap families. It was great to see so many family and friends out to share the day. There was laughing and hugging and all out joy. As one parent said, “It was so refreshing to be somewhere where our children were fully accepted, loved and celebrated.” Wow! Let’s create more of this.

Save the Date

Sprint For Syngap will be back! The second annual event is scheduled for Saturday, April 30, 2022. Get it in your calendar now! Let’s make it even bigger and better!