Sprint4Syngap – Running To Find A Cure For SYNGAP1!

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Twenty-nine teams participated in SynGAP Research Fund’s (SRF) 4th annual Sprint4Syngap. Teams from around the world were encouraged to hold any type of event – a sprint, fun run, slow walk, or a virtual fundraiser. The idea, as it is every year, was to enjoy family, friends, and community while raising money for SRF & awareness of SYNGAP1-Related Disorders (SRD or SYNGAP1).

Almost $250,000 Raised!

Our dedicated families came just shy of last year’s record total with over $248,000 in donations! Team Myla Tavilla once again raised over $160,000 to lead the way, followed by Phoebe’s Fight ($27,680) and Team Kiera ($7,703). Four other teams (Teams Kaia, Hadley, Reef, and Louie) raised over $6,000 apiece, and another eight hit the $1,000+ mark. (See all teams here.)

Thank you to our families, participants, supporters, and donors. The vital scientific work SRF funds makes every team’s contribution significant. Every dollar gets us a little closer to a cure!

Why Should You Form a Team Next Year?

Phoebe’s Dad, SRF BOD Member Eric Moulton shared this about their day:

“This year, the DC-area Sprint4Syngap expanded to include both Phoebe’s Fight and Team Theo. Dozens of family members, friends, neighbors, and supporters joined us at a local DC park on a cool, drizzly morning to show their support for Phoebe, Theo, and the entire SYNGAP1 community. Participants came from DC, Virgina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey for an inclusive and accessible playdate.

“We enjoyed plenty of donuts and bagels, a raffle that included SRF swag, organized games and activities, and the kids sprinted around the playground on behalf of everyone. 

“Although planning for and hosting the event was physically and emotionally taxing, it was undoubtedly a success. We strengthened our local SYNGAP1 community, raised awareness about SRD, and most importantly, raised funds to help accelerate therapies for our kids.”

Therapies are on the horizon, and we can’t get them fast enough. We need to raise funds to keep the momentum going! If we stop funding research, the potential opportunities for treatments will also stop. SRF must raise funds all year long so we don’t miss out on any chance to find that cure and change lives for our families. And to do that…

…We Need You!

Being a parent or relative of someone living with a rare disease is difficult, to say the least. It comes with daunting responsibilities, including speaking out on their behalf, raising awareness, and taking care of their complex needs. Alone, it would be virtually impossible for one of us to find a cure. Our community must work together to finance meaningful research.

We strongly encourage all of our families to hold some type of fundraiser. Asking for donations isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but it’s vital to do so, no matter how much you can raise. Organizing an event may seem difficult, but there’s nothing easy about our SYNGAP1 lives. Yet, here we are, faced with the challenge of our lifetime.

We owe it to our loved ones to do whatever we can for their future, their siblings’ future, our future.

Save the Date

Start making plans now to form a team for Sprint4Syngap 2025! Enter Saturday, April 26, 2025 in your calendar now! Let’s all work together to make next year’s Sprint even bigger and better!