SRF & SYNGAP1 – The Year in Review, 2023

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The future is coming at us faster and faster, and the growth SRF has experienced over the past year is evidence of great things to come. 16 grants funded in 2023, the most in any single year. More than 50 blog posts, the most in any single year indicating more activity and participation of families. SRF added 2 new podcasts to our flagship SYNGAP10. 10 new Studies in 2023 including ENDD at CHOP. To cap off the year, over two dozen researchers presented their work and data at the 5th SYNGAP1 Roundtable in Orlando. And, the founders continue to cover SRF overhead, allowing donations to go toward research and programs to help SYNGAP1 patients.

By The Numbers:

Significant Accomplishments in 2023:

  • New & Improved website (
  • Six Major Fundraising Events in a single year for the first time!
  • SYNGAP1 Resources for Newly Diagnosed Families, a new and improved tool organized with critical information new parents need to know
  • New email & website using curesyngap1 to match our social handles
  • New Volunteer site to easily post & sign up for positions (link)
  • A New Apple Podcast Channel for all 3 SRF Podcasts
  • New SRF in the Press page with news outlet links from the past five years & more press coverage in 2023 than any previous year (link)
  • Special edition of our newsletter to celebrate SRF’s 5th birthday
  • Sibling VIP kits in cooperation with UCB on our new Siblings webpage
  • More blog posts in 2023 than any previous year including 6 in Spanish (link)
  • Financial Audits from 2021 and 2022 completed and posted, maintaining SRF’s transparency
  • Organizational expansion & restructuring including a new BOD chair, a new CFO, and reorganization into 6 leadership groups to help with all the work of a growing organization
  • A new official address for SRF in San Diego

Thank you all for your efforts to help us find a cure! We are prepared for the future!