Hidden in the Genes: Jaxon’s SYNGAP1 Journey

The Harding Family shares a special movie about their 18-year-old son Jaxon, and their family’s shared journey living with and caring for not only someone with SYNGAP1-related disorder (SRD), but also each other. To tell this story, parents Aaron and Monica Harding along with sisters Natalie and Michaela are joined by two of Jaxon’s therapists, Elemy Yeme and Kaely Ferrara.

A difficult childbirth, early delays, and an incomplete diagnosis led to a SRD diagnosis in 2015. Through the years, there have been seizures, aggression, injurious behavior, and fear for the future. There has also been support, adapting as a family, and the joy Jaxon brings to their daily lives.

Movie Premiere Details:

  • Date: April 13
  • Pre-event breakfast: 8-8:45am PT
  • Showtime: 9am PDT
  • Location: Mission Naz, 4750 Mission Gorge Place, San Diego, CA 92120

Live-stream Link:

More Information at Syngap.Fund/Jaxon