Syngap Awareness Day, 2024 – Splash for Syngap!

Event Date

June 21, 2024

What is the significance of June 21?
The genetic address of Syngap is 6p21.32, so we celebrate Syngap Awareness Day around the globe on 6.21 or June 21st and treat June as Syngap Awareness Month.

Splash4Syngap? What’s that all about?
Almost all of our kids love water, so it’s natural to center our annual theme around pools, sprinklers, lakes – wherever they are happiest!

Why do we need to make others aware?
Before our families received their diagnosis, it’s likely that none of us had heard of SYNGAP1-Related Disorder. As soon as we got that call, our focus shifts quickly to finding a cure for our kids. Spreading awareness generates interest in helping SRF fund research to ultimately do just that. We need to create some noise, a big splash, and make potential donors and researchers aware of and interested in SYNGAP1 so we can realize that cure sooner rather than later!

How can you help? We’re glad you asked!

Donate or plan a fundraiser to help fund research

Take a family photo holding our Splash flyer & share it

Prepare for a future cure – sign up for Studies today!

Follow SRF – like & repost our messages; tag us on yours

Get involved – volunteer with SynGAP Research Fund

Learn more – watch our webinars, read our blogs & resources

Tell others to listen to our podcasts, read our newsletter!

Share your Warrior’s story, make a movie, write a blog

Share your story with local media – examples here

Change your profile picture and upload to your social media

There is nothing more important to us than our families!

Everyone volunteering for SRF works tirelessly to support, advocate, and provide resources for our community. Our website is a one-stop shop to learn about SYNGAP1, meet our patients, watch webinars, or sign up to volunteer.  We have printable resources, ICD codes, and a checklist for newly diagnosed families. We make it easy to donate in the US, EU, or UK, and remember: the founders cover SRF overhead, allowing donations to go toward research and programs to help SYNGAP1 patients.

Celebrate Splash4Syngap every year!

Please help us spread awareness this June and throughout the year in whatever way you can. It takes a village to raise a child – it takes the world to raise a rare child like ours with SYNGAP1! Together we can make a difference and overcome this disease.

Past Years’ Videos from Syngap Global Network (SGN):