Get Involved with SynGAP Research Fund

There are many ways to be involved and help SRF in our mission to find a cure and support families living with SYNGAP1. These are the four priorities we suggest to get connected to SRF & the community.


Your registration with SRF will put you in touch with the latest news and information and start you on your journey of discovering the passionate, supportive community which stands ready to help you with any questions you may have. Click here to connect.

Hold a Fundraiser

Science is not cheap. We need all families to raise funds to ensure we don’t miss out on any opportunity to find a treatment for our loved ones. You can start small (lemonade stand or garage sale), go social (Facebook Birthday Fundraiser), participate in a global event (Sprint4Syngap or Splash for Syngap), or go big (hold a local or regional event). There are unlimited possibilities, all of which will help all of our families. It’s not too early to start. We have shared several ideas here. Other ways to give are here.


SRF is led by a dedicated, energetic and inspired group of volunteer parents, families, and even friends of those with SYNGAP1. The work of SRF includes, among many other responsibilities, connecting with scientists and reviewing/accepting grants; preparing blog and social posts, press releases, newsletters and podcasts; organizing conferences and webinars; and most importantly, advocating for all those affected by SYNGAP1. As our numbers grow and as more patients are identified, the volume of work required increases. Your involvement is crucial! Even if you only have one hour per week to give, it will help! Check out our volunteer page for more information.


The most important thing everyone can do regardless of whether you received your diagnosis last week, last year or ten years ago is to remember. Remember who we are trying to help – all of the Warriors out there, including the one(s) nearest & dearest to your heart.