Press Releases

July 9, 2024

SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) increases support for SYNGAP1 organoid research at the University of Southern California’s Quadrato Lab – PR24

July 2, 2024

SRF launches the SYNGAP1 missense account with Nordmoe family donation – PR23

May 23, 2024

SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) recognizes 50+ patient advocates driving SYNGAP1 research in the United States – PR22

April 4, 2024

SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) Awards Collaborative Grant to Advance Research of SYNGAP1 Related Disorders in Adults – PR21

April 3, 2024

SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) Appoints Kathryn Helde, PhD, as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) Focusing on SYNGAP1 Research – PR20

March 25, 2024

SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) announces changes to its board of directors – pr19

November 2, 2023

SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) awards $105,000 grant & launches research study to adapt neurobehavioral evaluation tool (NET) for SYNGAP1-related Intellectual Disability (SRID). #SRFFrazier – PR18

October 26, 2023

SynGAP Research Fund awards $100,000 for investigating the impact of SYNGAP1 missense variants using structural bioinformatics

October 19, 2023

Uniting for Progress – the Fifth Annual SYNGAP1 Conference hosted by SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) will take place November 30th in Orlando, Florida. #SyngapConf

August 16, 2023

SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) awards $130,000 grant to advance research on maladaptive myelination & SYNGAP1-related epilepsy

April 5, 2023

SynGAP Research Fund awards a collaborative grant to Tang Lab & AXONIS Therapeutics

January 5, 2023

SynGAP Research Fund US and UK award grant to the University of Edinburgh Medical School’s Patrick Wild Centre & Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

October 4, 2022

SynGAP Research Fund, Wandoan Campdraft and Soley for SYNGAP1 award grant to Johns Hopkins University for development of mRNA amplifier for SYNGAP1 haploinsufficiency

July 28, 2022

Overcome SYNGAP1, Wandoan Campdraft for a Cure & SynGAP Research Fund Announce CAD $150,000 Grant for Small Molecule Translational Research to Prof. Derek Bowie of McGill University in Canada

July 6, 2022

Leon & Friends, SynGAP Research Fund USA & SRF Europe partner to grant €180,000 to Professor Courtney of Turku Bioscience Centre, Finland

April 26, 2022

SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) announces $128,000 grant for stem cell gene therapy translational research to Dr. Joe Anderson of the University of California, Davis

March 29, 2022

SynGAP Research Fund (SRF) Announces Grants to Dr. Kurt Haas and Dr. Graziella Di Cristo in Partnership with Canada’s Rare Diseases: Models and Mechanisms Network (RDMMN)

February 28, 2022

SynGAP research fund deploys #CouldItBeSYNGAP1 screening tool in partnership with probably genetic

February 22, 2022

SynGAP Research Fund announces $100,000 Exosome Grant to Professor Janos Zempleni of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

October 13, 2021

SynGAP Research Fund Announces $308,000 Multidisciplinary Biomarker Grant to Boston Children’s Hospital

June 8, 2021

SynGAP Research Fund Announces #SRFCoba Grant to Dr. Marcelo Coba of the University of Southern California

May 3, 2021

SynGAP Research Fund and illumina Present “Celebrating Caren,” the Incredible Story of the Oldest Known SYNGAP1 Patient in the United States

February 2, 2021

SynGAP Research Fund Announces #SRFFrazier Grant to Dr. Thomas Frazier of John Carroll University

November 19, 2020

SynGAP Research Fund Announces Grant to Heller Lab of Neuroepigenetics