Request Ciitizen Natural History Study (NHS) Data

Dear Researchers,

On behalf of Syngap Research Fund and Ciitizen, we would like to invite you to sign up to access SYNGAP1 data on Ciitizen. As an academic researcher, you are able to access de-identified, standardized, normalized summaries of each participating patients’ medical records including genetic test results, EEG results and much more from their medical record. Every patient in the dataset has a confirmed Pathogenic or Likely Pathogenic genetic diagnosis.  Right now there is data for over 100 patients available and we are continually adding more.

From Ciitizen we have a Researcher Agreement template and Cat 8 IRB template.  Once you have signed the agreement, returned it to Ciitizen and submitted the Cat 8 to your IRB, Ciitizen can share data.  

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

  1. Mike Graglia: – Founder and Director at Syngap Research Fund; Syngap1 dad. 
  2. Lauren Perry: – Operations at Syngap Research Fund; Syngap1 mom. 

~Thank you for all your work and interest in Syngap1~