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3 years old
Madrid, Spain

Aimar is 3 years old and lives in Móstoles, Madrid, Spain. He was diagnosed with SYNGAP1 in May of 2022. As Aimar started to get older, it was noticeable that he was meeting developmental milestones. Despite having these challenges in his way, he is getting better day by day. Aimar is very intelligent, he is able to communicate but receptive language can be difficult for him. Most recently, we have noticed that he is having eye flutters and eye rolls, but we are still waiting for a referral from a neurologist that will evaluate him for epilepsy.

Aimar loves to play with balls, dolls, and loves to watch Bing and Blue cartoon. He is always smiling except when he gets frustrated and hits himself, which worries us. He is a very happy boy and enjoys a lot with his brothers Ruben and Idaira.