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5 years old

Anton is full of life and is a very happy child. He received the Syngap1 diagnosis in June of 2019. He has taught our family a lot about patience and understanding. We love him so much.

He goes to a special kindergarten where they are able to cater to his needs. Similar to other kids with Syngap1, he’s in many different therapies to help improve his skills. Anton is non-verbal but he can communicate using sign language (he has about 35 signs). Just recently, he got an iPad to use for communication and that has been helping a lot. We feel that although he cannot express himself verbally that he understands most of what we say.

Anton does not have any visible seizures but his EEG’s have shown “abnormal brain activity”. So we believe that he may be having seizures that we cannot see.

Anton enjoys spending all of his time outdoors. He loves going on walks in the woods. Anton can spend lots of time at the playground, climbing on the structures. Swimming, horses, playing with toys, music, and dancing are a few of his favorite things.

– Claudia, mom