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2 years old
McKinny, Texas

Carter is a two-year-old on the move! He’s eager to explore his environment and how e v e r y t h i n g works! At 6 months old, we began noting developmental delays/low muscle tone. An MRI was conducted and returned normal. We began with weekly physical, occupational and speech therapies. Seizures started in March of this year and increased to 50-100/daily at worst. This spurred more EEGs, multiple attempts at medication for seizure control (still ongoing), more lab work than any toddler should endure, epilepsy panel, and whole exome sequencing. On July 30, 2019, Carter received his SYNGAP1 diagnosis — and the symptoms all matched.

Carter attends ABA therapy, focused on socialization, and improved behavior/speech. He is mostly non-verbal, but has begun mimicking/saying a few words. The newest being “baby,” since he just became a big brother in the past few weeks! We’ve also begun introducing sign language. 

Carter has become very independent as he’s gained confidence with walking (still a bit wobbly)! He’s a sweet, happy and charming baby — he’ll instantly steal your heart! We indescribably love this boy and will do anything to give him the best life possible!