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3 years old
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Catriel is 3 years old and lives in San Pedro province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He lives with his parents, brother, grandfather, uncles and cousins. Catriel was diagnosed with SYNGAP1 on 01/14/22 at the Garrahan’s Hospital.

Catriel loves anything water related. He enjoys playing with cars, round and shiny objects. Catriel loves to go for car rides and on the bicycle. When he is happy, he screams and spreads his fingers. Catriel also loves to run around and touch parked cars. He is a very funny boy.

He is nonverbal but he communicates by hand leading to what he wants. Catriel is still in diapers. Currently he uses a g-tube and is eating a ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet has reduced the intensity of his seizures.

Currently, Catriel receives Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy.  This year he is in a classroom of four children, his classmates love him and he has adapted well.

As a family we support each other a lot and we enjoy every day with him.

This is our Catriel. We love him and we are happy to have him in our life.