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8 years old
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Charo is 8 years old and lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She lives with her mom, dad, 5 year old brother, and her dog Martinez.

Since she was born, Charo has shown her strength to face the adversities that are presented to her. Her first fight was with breastfeeding and thanks to her tenacity and perseverance, she did not stop until she was victorious and was able to suck autonomously to feed herself during the first months of her life.

Charo has very few words yet she is still able to communicate with us effectively. She is very loving and affectionate with the people around her. Charo is especially loving with those she loves and idolizes the most, such as her brother Fermín. Charo and Fermín have a great relationship, which any parent would be proud of.

Charo goes to a special education school. She goes to many different therapies such as: speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and equine therapy. The ones she likes the most are music therapy and equine therapy. The horse that Charo rides during equine therapy is named Top. One of her very few words is “Top”. Her schedule is busier than many adults, however, her desire for progress and improvement means that she is never tired to comply with it without making any kind of excuses.

Do we have difficult days? The answer is yes. Charo engages in tantrums and self harm. Often the misunderstanding of her from our society can be difficult for us to deal with. When things are seemingly calm and normal, a loud slap shakes us once more to remind us that Syngap1 and the symptoms associated with are very much present in our life. But when those slaps shake us, Charo appears saying here I am! I’m not giving up! And she is who gives us strength by showing us the way, showing us that she can and that she is willing to try even harder.

Our little Syngap1 warrior is a fighter.