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7 years old
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Francisco lives with his dad, mom, his brother. From the age of 11 months he presented problems to walk independently and at two years he began with absence seizures, diagnosed at age 6 in SYNGAP1. Fran is very affectionate and sweet. He loves to give kisses and bear hugs. He loves dogs, escalators and elevators. He knows how to show his character and temperament when he receives a NO for an answer. He says very few words and is currently working with the Proloquo to improve his daily communication. He really enjoys music and loves bubbles. He loves car rides, bike rides and his new skateboard. Watch the planes and trains go by. He begins to shout and celebrate when he sees that we arrive at the mall. He shouts with happiness on any birthday when it’s time to sing it and enjoys being in the pool with his cousins and brother. His grandparents, uncles, cousins, parents and his brother always seek Fran’s happiness. WE LOVE HIM