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13 years old
San Diego, CA

Jaxon was diagnosed in Dec. 2015 with Syngap1. After a traumatic birth, he was diagnosed with Pervasive Development Delays (PDD) at 9 months which started his life of therapies. His developmental pediatrician at age 2 wrote, cause of PDD “genetic or mitochondrial.” It wasn’t until age 3 that Jaxon was diagnosed with epilepsy and autism. Non-speaking, he began using a speaking device at age 5 amazingly able to navigate it. With incredible spatial awareness, he knows where every carousel, car wash, swimming pool and the beach is located. Jaxon loves water, the ocean and surfing. Since age 2, the “Syngap Snap” has taken on various forms which recently required a mood stabilizer. ABA therapy has made a tremendous difference with his rigid and challenging behaviors. Now a teenager and in puberty, the perspective on life definitely has changed. Jaxon is a smart, handsome, charmer with an infectious laugh who you cannot help but to fall in love with just ask his therapists.

The Harding family’s movie, Connection is Everything, premiered April 13, 2024 – watch it at Syngap.Fund/Jaxon!