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1.5 years old

Mora is a very observant and curious child. She loves being around other children and has never met a stranger. Due to missed gross motor milestones such as sitting independently, Mora started physical therapy at 8 months old and began to cross her eyes around 12 months old when fatigued. Her first genetic screening came back normal but due to continued low muscle tone, her geneticist recommended a whole exome sequence test. This came back with a Syngap1 related disorder.

Mora wears glasses to correct her eyes crossing (strabismus) and has continued on with physical therapy. After putting in tremendous effort at PT, she has started crawling around 15 months and is super eager to be up and walking with other kiddos her age. She is nonverbal and only babbles in vowels and a few consonants. However, Mora loves speech therapy and despite being non-verbal, Mora has no poker face and we can always tell how she is feeling!

After having started swimming lessons at 5 months old, Mora loves the water and is adept at holding her breath underwater. She loves her puppies and Ms. Rachel.

While we are unsure of what Mora’s future holds, we are extremely thankful for family, friends, the medical community, and SRF for the support and continued initiatives to make lives for our Syngap kiddos a little bit better.