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5 years old
Dallas, Texas

Rosanna turned 5 on November 30! She is the first granddaughter in both families. She is the sweetest girl and at school, her teachers love her, and everybody calls her “Rosie” but she is shy with strangers. She receives therapies at school.     

Rosanna was diagnosed with SYNGAP1 in November 2019, before the diagnosis she was given the diagnosis of global development delay and hypomyelination. She does not speak much, it is her biggest challenge, but nevertheless she can say the letters of the alphabet, the colors, count the numbers and tries to sing the happy birthday’s song. She loves people and is affectionate with her close family.

She has had some sleep disturbances and behavioral problems that are a challenge for us but with love and patience we get over it. Rosanna tries to learn hard and makes progress everyday and we are proud of her. Also, she is a superhero with superpower, she can see in the dark and walk in a dark room without problem, she has a good orientation.

Rosanna has a younger sister (Ivanna) who is her sidekick, she is truly her engine to keep her going.

Rosanna’s favorite thing are; music, swimming, watching cartoon on tv, running and going on the slide at the park. We love her a lot, she is our gift.