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3 years old

Sahrazad, whom goes by Shahy lives with her mom, dad and older sister (7 years old) in Egypt. Shahy was diagnosed in October of 2020. She has atypical absence seizures, which are uncontrolled as of now. Shahy just started walking independently at 3 years old. She has also been diagnosed with hypomytopia, due to that she wears glasses. Shahy has a few words such as Aya (mom’s name) and baba as well as a few sounds.

Shahy loves going out, playing with her sister, and rhythmic songs. She goes to a nursery school with an aide. She is currently in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. We are all working as a team to improve her skills.

Currently, our biggest struggle is finding qualified special care for her so we will move as a family sometime soon to get the care she needs.

We love our warrior!