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12 years old
Illinois, USA

Stella is 12 and lives with her father, stepmother and her sisters in Lockport, Illinois. She was diagnosed with SYNGAP-1 at the end of February 2022. Stella has absence seizures and takes medication for them. She still has eye fluttering while she’s eating or over stimulated.

Stella recently got into a therapeutic school nearby where she will receive all the services she needs on a daily basis. Which is beyond amazing! Stella is a complete angel to be around. Once we gained full custody of Stella and after gaining her full trust we were able to see how much she was capable of when she is nurtured and feels safe in a loving home. Her aggression is almost non existent now and she just such a happy kid. Stella is a total jokester and has amazing comedic timing for her sarcasm, even with being non verbal, she makes her presence known with a quick hug or a little dance move she’s got. Stella LOVES SpongeBob and my little ponies, and loves to help in the kitchen.