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4 years old

Zuzia is a very cheerful and energetic four-year-old. She loves music and dancing, as well as playing with children. She is very social. Zuzia was diagnosed at the end of 2021 through an epileptic panel. We noticed first symptoms around the first year of life. Zuzia did not speak, did not point a finger, her reaction to the name was weak, and she had strong hands. A number of tests were done before we came to the diagnosis.

Zuzia was treated for epilepsy for a year on the basis of an abnormal record, without clinical seizures. The drugs have been discontinued, and we are currently under observation. Zuzia attends therapeutic kindergarten where she has a lot of classes and rehabilitation. She participates in speech, movement, psychological, pedagogical, and sensory integration therapies. Unfortunately, Zuzia is non-verbal, but she really wants to speak and tries to repeat as many words as possible and uses them every day. We hope that over time speech development will improve.

We see how much positive influence daily rehabilitation has on her development. We try to have her enjoy life every day like other healthy children. Thanks to the fact that we are part of the SYNGAP1 community, we have great hope and faith in treatment and a better future for our child.