SYNGAP1 Resources for Newly Diagnosed Families

Most likely, the first time you heard the term SYNGAP1 was the day someone you love received the diagnosis. At SynGAP Research Fund, we try to take some of the fear out of the diagnosis by providing information not only for new families but also for all families as their children continue to grow older. If you don’t find answers to your questions, please email anytime. You are not alone – SRF is a community of families just like you, devoted to helping.

Individual documents may be printed through links within this document. Here is a link to all printable materials listed below.

Aquí está nuestra colección de recursos en español.

First Steps

When you’re ready for more information…

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The Basics

Learn about SYNGAP1

  • SYNGAP1 Disorder was discovered in 2009
  • What is SYNGAP1?
    • Interpretation of SYNGAP1 Variants (webinar)
    • Discussing SYNGAP1 Related Developmental Disorders (webinar)
  • Five things every parent needs to know (blog post)
  • SYNGAP1 vs. SynGAP: What’s the difference? (blog post)
  • SRF | Dr. Ana Mingorance’s message for the 2023 Cannonball supporting SYNGAP1 research (video)
  • Epilepsy
    • Types of seizures and EEG patterns in SYNGAP1 (webinar)
    • Video of what to look for to identify seizures
  • Life Expectancy
  • Autism
  • Treatments
  • Therapeutic Pipeline
  • Behaviors
    • Severe Behaviors and Advocacy (webinar)
    • Cultivating hope with ABA: Behavior managment strategies for SYNGAP1 patients (webinar)
    • SSB30 Study: Seizures, Sleep & Behavior Study – 30 consecutive days of data – Ciitizen / SYNGAP1 (Webinar)
    • Cognition, behavior & clinical trials in SYNGAP1 (Webinar)
    • BioPsychoSocial Approach to SYNGAP1 Severe Behaviors (Chart)
    • Severe behavior problems in SYNGAP1-related disorder: A summary of 11 consecutive patients in a tertiary care specialty clinic (Paper published in Science Direct)
  • SYNGAP1: Background, Development, and the Impact on Children (document)
  • How Many SYNGAP1 Patients are in the World?

Advice to those with a recent diagnosis

An Emotional Journey Begins – After a SYNGAP1 Diagnosis (blog post)
A message to the newly diagnosed SYNGAP1 parent (blog post)
Melissa’s Story (blog post)
We Were Searching for Syngap; We Just Didn’t Know It (blog post)
Why Getting a Genetic Diagnosis Matters, Especially for SYNGAP1 (blog post)
Life After Diagnosis Day (film by Disorder Rare Disease Films)
From Simons Searchlight, an SRF Partner – A Family Guide: Navigating Life After a Rare Genetic Diagnosis

Medical resources

ICD-10 & ICD-11 Codes (give this code to all of your doctors)
Medical Consideration Doc to share with all of your doctors (Documento de Consideraciones Médicas en español está aquí)
Achieving Equity For All People With Autism – written by Jackie Kancir, this is an important article about the variability of autism and danger of grouping all those with a diagnosis into one category; share with all your providers
Doctors – our webpage includes the Medical Consideration Document, a form to share with others names and locations of doctors you have seen who have experience with SYNGAP1, and a map of the locations of these doctors
Medications (A search of our website for “Medications” will provide numerous resources; however, these are simply experiences related by other SYNGAP1 families and do not in any way constitute medical advice for you or anyone else. Please consult your doctor for any and all specific recommendations.)
DNA Decoder – a tool used to identify the specific mutation of SYNGAP1; definitions of the various mutations is also included

Prepare for a future cure

Why are Natural History Studies Important? Watch here.


Simons Searchlight (Updated information & graphs August 2023 – link)
Clinical Trials
Therapeutic Pipeline
In Search of a SYNGAP1 Biomarker (blog post)
Cognition, behavior & clinical trials in SYNGAP1 (webinar)

Planning for your financial future

Take care of yourself

Why Everyone Supports SRF: Meet 50 Families Behind SYNGAP1 Research – (blog post)
Weekly Zoom Meeting, Meeting ID:  972 0059 2178 & Passcode: 848417
More of Everything – (webinar & book by SYNGAP1 Mom Janie Reade)
Claiming Strength: Creating a Mental Fortress (book by SYNGAP1 Mom Michelle [Elle] Sanderson)
Grief and Resilience with our SRF Patient Advocacy Group (blog post written from Zoom Family Meeting; versión en español aqui)
Ways to Help” – a few ways you could suggest to family & friends if or when they ask, “How can I help?” (by Effie Parks, from Once Upon a Gene)
Self-Compassion: The Proven Power of Being Kind to Yourself (book by Dr. Kristin Neff)
Rare Caregiver Brochure (document from Amicus Therapeutics)

About SRF

Mission Statement
Our Founders – Mike Graglia & Ashley Evans
Our Team
Why Everyone Supports SRF: Meet 50 Families Behind SYNGAP1 Research
SRF Board of Directors
SRF Scientific Advisory Board
SRF Clinical Advisory Board
SRF & SYNGAP1 – The Year in Review, 2023
SRF 5-year anniversary newsletter
SRF by the Numbers – 2022

Stay up-to-date

SynGAP10 Podcast
Blog Posts
Read SYNGAP1 & SRF press

Ways to help

Get Involved
Fundraising – contact
Social Media – follow, like & share content, repost
Share your Warrior’s story – contact
Share Your Story – write a blog, be a guest on SYNGAP1 Stories – contact


SYNGAP1 Conferences, hosted by SRF

SYNGAP1 Warriors
SYNGAP1 Siblings
Podcasts – news, family stories, en español, and more on the way! Listen to them all.
Why Everyone Supports SRF: Meet 50 Families Behind SYNGAP1 Research
Family Movies
Facebook Groups
SynGAP Global Network – Global collaboration between Syngap organizations and advocate groups around the world: website & Facebook Group
Weekly Support Meeting
Contacts – SRF Leaders
Rare Science & SRF Rare Bear Program

Education & Advocacy

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Devices (link for ‘lending libraries’ by state that lend AAC devices for you to try out)
SYNGAP1: Background, Development, and the Impact on Children (document)
Stella Stays In School: Getting Educational Needs Met (blog post)
A Message To The Newly Diagnosed SynGAP-1 Parent (blog post)
Severe Behaviors and Advocacy (webinar)
SRF | Become an Advocate (Family Zoom Meeting recording)
SRF – Our Voice is Getting Louder for SYNGAP1! (blog post)
Six Steps to Connecting the Dots (webinar)
Let Me Hear YOUR Voice: Effecting Change through Effective Advocacy (webinar)
Achieving Equity For All People With Autism (article by Jackie Kancir)
Emergency Room IDD Stabilization Protocol (paper)

Older Syngapians

Diapers & Pull Ups for Older Kids: A Mom’s Experience (blog post)
Melissa’s Story (blog post)
Your teenager was just diagnosed with SYNGAP1, processing through a new lens (webinar)
Consider IUDs in Teens with Disabilities for Menstrual Management (blog post)

Additional resources

Epilepsy Management


Sensory Processing Disorder – Star Institute

Apraxia – Apraxia Kids

Rare Diseases

General Support