Lindsay Wieczorek, PhD

Lindsay and her husband, Andrew, live in Minnesota with their three children, Oliver, Bennett, and Adeline. Adeline was diagnosed with SYNGAP1 in December of 2019 when she was five years old. Adeline is currently thriving with continual support from her family, teachers, therapists, doctors, and community.  

Lindsay is a scientist with a PhD in Cellular and Microbial Biology from Catholic University of America. She worked in the field of infectious disease research and vaccine development for over 20 years. Lindsay supported the non-profit component of the U.S. Military HIV Research Program, where she co-directed the Humoral Immunology Laboratory. In 2023, Lindsay reprioritized her efforts to focus on SYNGAP1 research and advancement of treatment and cure strategies. Lindsay joined the SRF board in 2024 and is excited to support the SRF mission.