Corey Baysden, DMSC

Community Activation

Corey Baysden has been an advertising sales consultant for over 21 years, working in radio, broadcast and cable television.  She works with local and regional businesses to create effective linear television and digital advertising campaigns.  Corey and her husband Ryan have two children, Caralina & Saylor.  They live on the coast of southeastern North Carolina and love being outdoors, fishing, kayaking, and spending time at the beach.

Saylor, their three year old daughter, was initially diagnosed with autism in 2020 and epilepsy in early 2021.  Saylor’s neurologist recommended genetic testing and her family received the SYNGAP diagnosis in July of 2021.  Corey and her family were so relieved to finally have some answers and find a supportive community.  She quickly connected with the SynGAP Research Fund to begin volunteering her time to help accelerate science to find a treatment or cure for SYNGAP1.  

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