Jackie Kancir

Patient Advocacy Director

Jackie Kancir is a nationally recognized advocacy professional with decades of experience and specialties in government affairs, public health policy, disability rights, and special education. She is also the parent of an adult daughter with SynGAP1-Related Disorder, diagnosed in 2019.

Jackie is often featured for her thought leadership on IDD, profound autism, and challenging behaviors. Her solution-focused approach and dogged demands for equity have driven new policies and protocols in both education and healthcare systems. As the third generation working in the field of developmental disabilities, Jackie’s entire life has rested in the intersection of public health policy and marginalized populations with complex needs.

For three years, Jackie operated a relief program while serving as Development Director for a veterans nonprofit that aimed to reduce veteran suicide. This immersive experience forged her commitment to innovating solutions in crisis frameworks, cross-functional collaboration, whole-family support, and person-centered care.

Jackie is a member of Partners in Policymaking for the TN Council on Developmental Disabilities and appointed to the Statewide Planning and Policy Council for the TN Department of Disability & Aging. She is also the Policy Director for the National Council on Severe Autism. She currently studies Public Administration at the University of Phoenix.

Finally, Jackie is a brain tumor survivor with lived experience of the necessity for both appropriate support and self-determination, and this greatly influences her policy positions in her advocacy work.

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Email: jackie@curesyngap1.org