Catherine Hughes-Ertugrul

Catherine is a nomad at heart. Having grown up in Cape Town, South Africa, she moved around all her life from the USA to Australia, to Qatar & Bahrain in the Middle East. She married into the beautiful country of Turkey and is currently based in the UK. Passionate about understanding people and different cultures, she was fortunate to put this to use fulfilling a Strategic Planning role in Advertising for 12 years in Bahrain, working across multiple sectors.

When at the age of 6 months, it was clear that her youngest son, Hakan, was facing significant developmental challenges, she put her career on hold and focused on neuro- and sensory-based therapies that would help her son thrive, an area she is very passionate about today. In December 2023, at the age of 4, Hakan was diagnosed with SYNGAP1 Intellectual Disability. With their diagnosis, almost immediately came the discovery of the SynGAP Research Fund and with it, unexpected hope and a community of incredible individuals. Joining SRF, Catherine also very much hopes to help towards making a difference for all our SYNGAPIANS.