Kathy Langen

Kathy graduated from Boston University with a communications degree and spent many years working in advertising/marketing until her 3rd son, Charlie, was born. Given the complexity of his profile, with no answers from the medical community at that time, she became an outspoken advocate for his educational and therapeutic needs.

Kathy spent most of Charlie’s childhood looking for a program that could provide the level of support he required while also searching for an environment where he could thrive socially and emotionally. Finding The Camphill School in PA was life-changing.

Her second life-changing event occurred in March 2020, when Charlie was diagnosed with SYNGAP1 at 19 years old. Kathy reached out to the SynGAP Research Fund and quickly immersed herself into this incredible community. She was honestly shocked that there were other “Charlies” out there. She loves the support, the new friendships and supporting SRF in as many ways possible.

Kathy shared more in her blog, A Diagnosis: Charlie’s Story

Email: kathy@curesyngap1.org