Yulia Surovtseva, PhD

Yulia is the Director of the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery (YCMD). Yulia has an extensive background in molecular biology and biochemistry and over 10 years of experience leading efforts in high throughput assay design, optimization and screening. Yulia received a B.S. degree in Medical Biology from the Novosibirsk State University and Ph.D in Biochemistry from Texas A&M University. As the YCMD Director, Yulia supervises a highly trained team and manages multiple programs in the areas of genomic and small molecule screening, therapeutic target validation and lead and drug discovery.

On a personal side, Yulia is a parent to a son with SYNGAP1 deficiency. Misha was diagnosed many years ago. He is the most amazing and wonderful kid, now a teenager, who is also severely affected by the SYNGAP1 symports including autism, intellectual disability, and behavior and sleep challenges. It is a devastating disorder, and Yulia and her husband have joined SRF in their search for cure and support.

Email: yulia@curesyngap1.org