Ways to Give

You might not have the time to host a big fundraising event. A $1,000 donation might not be in your budget, but you can still impact all of our lives by raising what you can, when you can. Every penny, every dollar counts. Here are a few ideas that each of us can use to contribute. And if 100 of us contributes $5 more each month for the year, that $5 turns into $6,000. Including extended families in this endeavor will increase this exponentially!

If each of us chooses at least one of these methods to give next year, SRF will be able to fund more research & continue our work to get us closer to a cure for our loved ones. We’re in this together, and only with your help will we be able to achieve our goals of improving the lives of all those living with SYNGAP1 throughout the world!

Recurring, Monthly Donations – Set up any amount to be donated monthly directly to SRF.
Walmart Spark Good Round Up – Customers shopping on Walmart’s website or app can round up their totals to the nearest dollar and have the change donated to SRF.
PayPal $1 Checkout to Charity – Set SynGAP Research Fund as your favorite charity and easily give $1 at checkout.
Minted Christmas Cards – Receive 20% discount, and use our code (FUNDRAISESYNGAP) to have 15% of proceeds go to SynGAP Research Fund! This is not just for Christmas Cards – it works throughout the entire year for anything on their site!!
Give Up Your Cup – Give up one cup of your favorite beverage each week, and donate the $5 to SRF instead to help raise $260.00 all by yourself!
Hold a small event – set up a Birthday Fundraiser, host a garage sale, lemonade stand, have a car wash – any amount raised for SRF is important, and it’s more than we had the day before!
Workplace Matching – see if your employer will match your donations! Even if there isn’t a formal policy in place, it doesn’t hurt to ask – maybe they’ll say, “Yes!”

Many of you have donated in the past, and we are extremely appreciative. If you can do a little bit more, or encourage family members to do so, it will help all of our families. And, just as a reminder, your donations go to Research, not overhead or salaries. See the SynGAP Research Fund Mission Statement here. SRF’s motto includes the word “Transparency”, and for anyone who wants a comfort level that this is true, here are is our Financials to prove the point.

We’re here to find a cure for our kids, for your kids, for everyone living with SYNGAP1!