Why Have an NDA

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Dear SRF Volunteers,

We are grateful for your interest in volunteering with us. 

The mantra of SRF is Collaboration – Transparency – Urgency and we work hard to live by these.  We share information as much as possible and more than most organizations in this space.

As we grow and the SYNGAP1 space matures, however, there are times when we need to keep confidential information to ourselves.  As we work with an increasing number of industry partners and researchers this is increasingly true.  After reflection and consulting with the Board and our lawyer, we are asking all volunteers to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). 

By signing the NDA, you are doing two things:

  1. You are confirming that you understand that you will be handling sensitive information and that you will keep it confidential.
  2. You are allowing us to assure our partners and stakeholders that we are trustworthy and that their confidential information is protected.

We work with a number of researchers and companies who share sensitive information with us and it is crucial that we are able to assure them that their information will be kept confidential. This NDA agreement is a key part of maintaining trust with our partners and ensuring the success of our projects and operations.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your commitment to SRF.

You can read the NDA here: 

Confidentiality Statement, Non-Disclosure Agreement and Conflict of Interest Disclosure

Confidentiality is the preservation of privileged information. It is the policy of the SynGAP Research Fund, Inc. (hereinafter “SRF”) that board members, volunteers and employees may not disclose, divulge, or make accessible confidential information belonging to, or obtained through their affiliation with SRF to any person, including relatives, friends, and business and professional associates. Board members, volunteers and employees shall use confidential information solely for the purpose of performing services as a board member, volunteer or employee for SRF. This policy is not intended to prevent disclosure where disclosure is required by law.

Board members, volunteers and employees are cautioned to demonstrate professionalism, good judgment, and care at all times in handling any information related to SRF to avoid unauthorized or improper disclosures of confidential information. While board members, volunteers and employees are expected and encouraged to discuss the organization with one another and targeted external persons, businesses and/or organizations, they shall not report privileged information, opinions expressed in meetings, or engage in any communication that has not been approved or that would not be supported by board policy, procedures, or decisions.

During the time that I serve on the board of directors, the volunteer team, or as an employee of SRF, I realize that I will gain access to information that is considered to be confidential and/or proprietary. Such information may relate to and include, but is not limited to: planning documents; business information and/or legal negotiations; client, customer, and patient records; personnel files; donor records; and submitted proposals, criteria, or decisions made with regard to the business of SRF.

Since confidential and proprietary information is crucial to the operation of SRF, and because SRF in some instances has the obligation to protect such information, I agree that I will not use, publish, or disclose such information during or subsequent to my employment or participation on the board of directors or the volunteer team, and that I will preserve the restricted nature of this information except to the extent that it becomes publicly available, is otherwise lawfully obtained outside the scope of this agreement from third parties, or is required by law.

Additionally, as an employee or member of the board of directors or the volunteer team, I realize that I have an obligation to disclose and eliminate (if necessary) any potential or actual duality of interest or conflict of interest. The SRF Conflict of Interest Policy is available here.

At the end of a board member’s term in office, upon ceasing volunteer activities, or upon the termination of an employee’s employment, he or she shall return, at the request of SRF, all documents, papers, and other materials, regardless of medium, that may contain or be derived from confidential information in his or her possession. It is expected that board members, volunteers and employees will not use confidential information acquired by virtue of affiliation with SRF, even after they complete their service with SRF.

I hereby certify that I have read, understand, and agree to SRF’s policies as described in this statement, with respect to confidential information and conflict of interest, and that the information given in this statement is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I agree to abide by the requirements of the policy and this statement and to inform the Board Chair immediately if I believe any violation (unintentional or otherwise) of the policy or this statement has occurred.

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Approved by the Board of Directors on 02/01/2023.