These are the organizations in the SynGAP and Rare Disease space that we respect & learn from.

Syngap Global Network is a collaboration between organizations and parents representing the Syngap community in their country. SGN has come together to drive the global unification of Syngap related efforts and initiatives. SRF is proud to be a part of this network.

Overcome works for the SynGAPians and their families in Canada and France. The families in this group are relentless and we are learning from them.

Verena Schmeder is the driving force behind SYNGAP Elternhilfe, her commitment is undeniable.

Official as of August 1st, 2019, we are thrilled to say that is an official Swiss association.

Same name. We know. What can we say, they have great taste. The family who created this effort and serves the SynGAPian families down under has two affected children. They do remarkable work and seek their wise counsel often.

SynGAP Spain serves patients in Spain and works closely with Fondo Syngap aka SRF America Latina .

Syngap1 Japan Network.

Leon & Friends is an Austrian voluntary association dedicated to advancing research and treatments for SYNGAP1 disorders.